Early Careers Group

We help young aspiring civil engineers throughout their careers

Our Early Careers Group consists of students, graduates, apprentices and trainee engineers from a variety of backgrounds, who are in their early career prior to Professional Qualifications. We support events organised by the AACE Council and organise our own professional development and social events.

We aim to:

Enhance opportunities of further development and training for those in their early careers
Support those in their early careers to develop and connect with the ICE
Exchange civil engineering information and ideas


The Early Careers Group interests are managed by a small committee voted by its group members. Joining is a fantastic way to network and learn new skills and it also allows you to build up your Initial Professional Development (IPD) attributes, which are an essential part of preparing for your professional qualification.

Want to join?

We regularly welcome new members. If you would like to be involved or would simply like more information, please contact treasurer@aacivilengineers.co.uk