Low Carbon Concrete – Mon 18th April 2022 18:00

Mon 18th April 2022

18:00 to 19:00

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Recycl8 are developing technology which takes Incinerator Bottom Ash from waste-to- energy operators – often destined for landfill – and transforms it into a low carbon additive for concrete manufacture.

Their product aims to make up to 60% by volume of the concrete. By replacing high C02 emitting cement and other virgin quarried materials, they will work with manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their climate targets.

The process absorbs C02 from the atmosphere and the process technology ensures heavy metals are bonded, preventing leaching and further pollution both now and in the future.

The environmental credentials are impressive, but this low carbon product also performs on a practical level. It not only bonds with more strength than traditional cement, but also has less permeability. The technology also significantly enhances the heat resistance, physical and chemical properties of the cement.
Waste-to-energy facilities can avoid sending their ash to landfill and cement manufacturers can offer a significantly reduced carbon footprint, to our ever-growing sustainable built environment.

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Low Carbon Concete